About Me

I'm a photographer and graphic designer from the Greater Detroit area, moved to California, but am now based in Cambridge in the UK. I graduated with both a Photographic Technology degree and a Design and Layout degree from Macomb Community College in 2019. I've been photographing since I graduated high school, and found my skill and knack for design while finishing my photography degree. I've expressed my creativity through different ways since I was a kid, and am super thankful I'm able to have a career based on what I've known forever and am continuously growing in. 


I provide anything from portraits to product shots, from logo design to print material. 


I've been professionally photographing for six years, and professionally designing for three. I've shot over 100 sessions and have worked with several different groups and companies for freelance design work. 


I'm located in Cambridge, UK, but am willing to shoot anywhere and work with clients throughout the UK and when I'm back home in Michigan.

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